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Be encouraged by these stories from the mission field

Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Great Loss

Amidst the 700,000 people living in Kathmandu, Shiuli was entirely alone. At 21 years old, the young woman had been taken away from her friends and family and had lost her husband, leaving her to fend for her three daughters all on her own. And the next tragedy was just around the corner. … Read more

A Baby Girl is Nothing to Celebrate

At last, the baby began to crown, and with him came the fulfillment of his parents' wishes. Five years of barrenness, five years of bitter arguments—this baby would put it all in the past. He would bring pride to the family, reap a dowry from his bride and help provide for the family. He would restore his family's joy. … Read more

The Church in the Red-light District

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The Church in the Red-light District

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Today, Shrea worships the Lord in the same room where she used to sell liquor. Shrea was addicted to the alcohol she sold before she heard about Jesus from the Goa ladies team.

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The Lord has touched many lives like Shrea’s through these four women, who make up a Gospel for Asia ladies team in this region of Goa, India. Indrani, the team leader, rejected the security of an arranged marriage to an unbeliever so she could serve the Lord.

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Many tourists come to see Goa’s natural tropical beauty. Sadly, others seek out the cheap and easily accessible prostitution trade.

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The Goa ladies team reaches out to the poor women of the slums who face an array of difficulties.

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Just a few steps from the beach, thousand live in the slums, where they have little hope. Many women who are abandoned by their husbands, widowed or addicted to alcohol end up in prostitution.

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The team members spend much time in prayer, finding strength for their ministry.

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The ladies team has had a significant impact in their area, where they routinely encounter people with tragic stories.

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Jeevitha heard the Gospel from the ladies team at a desperate time in her life. Her husband had died, and she was addicted to alcohol and gambling. If she hadn’t come to know the Lord, she says she would likely have entered prostitution.

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The team’s ministry in Goa has been life-changing for many women, who now meet together regularly. These former prostitutes and drug addicts now worship God and study the Bible.

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Changed lives, like Jeevitha’s and Shrea’s, are the testimony of this women’s team.

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A Gospel for Asia ladies team ministering in Goa, India holds a Sunday school every week for children living in slums.

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These children grow up in areas where deep poverty and alcoholism have forced many into prostitution, fed by a large tourist industry.

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Tragically, children like this little girl have a very unstable future. Many work selling trinkets on the beach to tourists. Desperate for money, unknown numbers of children end up being taken into the area’s high-demand sex trade.

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Coming from homes like this, many village children have lost a parent to disease, abandonment or suicide. In some areas, prostitution has left its mark in the form of AIDS.

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It is into desperate situations like these that God has allowed GFA to send the Goa ladies team. With the love of Christ, these four women bring hope for worn-down families and help rescue many children from disastrous futures.

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Once a week, these little children find a haven in the Sunday school.

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As the children listen to Bible stories and sing songs, their worries are replaced with the love of Jesus.

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Through the love and outreach of the ladies team, the Lord is saving these little children who are cherished in His sight.

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