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Women in Asia are the least likely to hear the Gospel

Did you know that over 50,000 female children are aborted every month in South Asia? Females are often the last to eat and the most likely to be illiterate. They’re the first to work as child laborers and sometimes even sold to become one of 1.2 million child prostitutes. As they grow they gain little respect.

They live in the most unreached parts of the world—places that have yet to hear the Gospel. And many women cannot be approached by men due to cultural customs, making their slim chance of hearing the Gospel even slimmer.

Gospel for Asia has a burden to reach them. We believe that uplifting the lives of these women is one of the most significant things that can come about to transform families and communities for Christ.

By sponsoring one of our handpicked and trained women missionaries, you will:

  • Make it possible for gender barriers to be overcome so that women in Asia can hear the Gospel.
  • Enable ministry to women in all walks of life, whether widows, mothers, or young adults.
  • Reach women in unreached parts of Asia no one else can reach—even in villages, slums, and leprosy colonies.
  • Partner with an organization that has over 30 years of experience in reaching women in Asia with the Gospel.
Watch: Ruth's Story,
You Should Have Been a Boy!

About Ruth

In a part of the world where women are reviled and abused simply for being female, Ruth’s father displayed an exceptional hatred toward her. When Ruth finally asked him why, he shouted, “You should have been a boy!” Afterward, he stopped speaking to her altogether.

It wasn’t until a Gospel for Asia women’s team came to her village that Ruth found out someone loved her. The news radically changed her life—and the life of every woman she is now able to tell as a GFA missionary.

Women missionaries are the perfect solution to reach other women

Each woman missionary already lives in Asia. In preparation for ministry, she has gone through three years of intensive ministry training.

These advantages make her ideal to reach women in Asia:

  • She moves freely in areas restricted to outsiders or men and is accepted in good times and bad.
  • She knows the cultural taboos instinctively.
  • She has already mastered the language or a related dialect.
  • She lives among the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, and sharing the same cultural interests.
  • She has a passion and burden to reach women in Asia.

Send a trained and dedicated woman missionary to share Christ’s love with women in Asia

Watch testimonies of women missionaries in Asia Watch testimonies of women missionaries in Asia

It only takes $30 a month to help support a woman missionary to serve full-time to reach other women.

Through Bible studies, house visits, and the personal ministry of our missionaries, thousands of women have found hope in Christ. But the need in Asia is great. Millions of women have still never heard the Good News.

By sponsoring, you will allow women in the next village to be reached.

Sponsor a Woman Missionary

100% of what you give for sponsorship goes to the field.

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Sponsor a Woman Missionary

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