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Give them a chance to experience the love of God and become all they were meant to be

Bridge of Hope gives children:

Jesus' love. Your child will experience Christ’s love through the Bridge of Hope staff.

Jesus' love

Quality education. Learning to read and write is the key to a future of hope for your child.

Teaching the Children

A daily meal. At the Bridge of Hope center, your child will receive a healthy, balanced meal.

Daily Meal

Medical care. Periodic checkups are supplemented by teaching children habits of good hygiene.

Medical Checkup

Bridge of Hope is designed to uplift entire communities.

As children’s lives are transformed in Bridge of Hope, they bring new aspirations and knowledge home with them, and their families benefit as a result. Even beyond this, Bridge of Hope does much to uplift the communities it serves.

Bridge of Hope staff members regularly visit with the parents of students to encourage, counsel and pray for them. The staff members also conduct monthly meetings for parents.

Bridge of Hope regularly provides students with practical gifts, and some of these gifts, like kitchenware items and bath soap, help the whole family.

The students themselves participate in projects to serve their communities, like during Community Day, when students help clean up their village. They also take part in awareness rallies that help educate their communities about societal concerns like tuberculosis, AIDS, illiteracy and child labor.

All of the ministries of Bridge of Hope are rooted in the compassion of God, who loves these people dearly and cares about every aspect of their lives.

In addition, we send 100 percent of your child sponsorship donations directly to the Bridge of Hope programs on the field without deducting anything for administrative costs.

Write to Your Child

You can regularly correspond with your child, which gives you the chance to be part of their life. Imagine how much of a difference it will make when you write to them, saying you love and are praying for them, and you believe God will do great things with their life!

Real letters from children

“I received your letter. I was very happy.”

Letter Writing

“My father expired in Tsunami at 2004.”

“I am Saruhasan, studying Fifth Standard. I am residing at Fishermen Street in Thirumullaivasal, which is in seaside of Bay of Bengal. My father expired in Tsunami at 2004. I am interested in Sunday school songs, stories and memory verses. I like to play hand ball, carrom board and long jump. Pray for my family also. Thank you so much for helping me. Yours lovingly,”

– Saru, 8 years old (at the time the letter was written)

How you can pray

Prayer is the most effective and precious gift you can give to the child you sponsor. When children are admitted to Bridge of Hope centers, a whole new world opens up to them. They learn to read and write, play games and sing songs. These children also get to hear of God's love for them and the hope He has for their lives. Our desire is that each child will get to experience the mercy and grace of God and will become all He intends for them to be. Your prayers are a vital part of making that happen.

Pray for your child to know Christ loves them. In every Bridge of Hope center, each child has the opportunity to hear and understand how treasured he or she is in the eyes of God.

Pray for your child's adjustment. For some children, this is the first time they've ever had the chance to receive an education.

Pray for a supportive family and community. Though many parents are very grateful to get to send their children to Bridge of Hope, others have never been shown the value of an education. Please pray the Lord will help them see what an incredible opportunity He’s placing before them.

Pray for your child's health and safety. Many of the children Bridge of Hope is serving—those who are in greatest need—have been malnourished, they haven’t had access to medical care, and many don’t have adequate sanitation practices or facilities. Please ask the Lord to keep His protective hand upon the children.

Pray for your child’s education. A great education will mean your child can pursue a better job in the future, and he or she will have more confidence and more ability to contribute to society.

Besides Bridge of Hope, there is none at home or school or even in the community where they live who would encourage them to excel in their studies or talents. They come from very poor backgrounds. No one is ready to help them. No one is willing to teach them. But these children are [dear] to us.

–Gandhali, a Bridge of Hope tutor

God is investing in the lives of children

God is investing in the lives of children through Bridge of Hope staff members. Beyond simply teaching the children, the staff members pray for the children, notice when they are sad or struggling, and help them.

As children experience the love of God through their teachers and as they hear about His love for them, they find the safety, encouragement and opportunity to become all God intends them to be.

Through the weekly activities at Bridge of Hope centers, children:

  • Get tutoring to help them not just pass but even excel in their studies.
  • Learn cultural songs and dances.
  • Are taught general information about the world.
  • Have opportunities to socialize under the kind supervision and encouragement of their teachers.

The staff members also conduct events to help the children discover their potential.
These events include:

  • Singing and dancing in public, like at Christmas programs. Students sing carols, act in plays and perform dances for the community.
  • Creating and displaying art and crafts for their annual exhibition or for “Colors of Hope,” an art competition in which students draw or paint a given topic and enter their piece in a program-wide competition.
  • Participating in projects to serve their communities, like during Community Day, when students help clean up and conduct other community services for their village. They also take part in awareness rallies that help educate their communities about societal concerns like tuberculosis, AIDS, illiteracy and child labor.
  • Playing sports on Sports Day and on other occasions.

The children in some centers also have the opportunity to take field trips to places like post offices, police stations, fire stations, airports, train stations and science exhibitions.

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