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Pray for South Asia's Widows:
many endure lives of poverty and utter hopelessness

Pray for South Asia's Widows

The treatment of most widows in South Asia is unimaginably horrific. When a woman's husband dies, she is often blamed for his death. For some widows, the humiliation starts when she is stripped of her colorful clothing and forced to wear a white sari signifying her new status as a widow. Her glass bangles, which previously let the world know of her marital status, are smashed into thousands of tiny shards. Her life will now be controlled by her eldest son. If she is lucky, she'll get a tiny corner of his house in which to sleep.

More often, though, she is sent out of the family home and ends up working for a few cents a day at a temple or begging on the streets. Many widows endure lives of poverty and utter hopelessness. They yearn to know that someone loves them. Here are a few ways you can pray for the widows of South Asia.

Pray for widows to know Jesus' love.

A widow needs to know she is still loved. That's why Gospel for Asia missionaries spend time listening to widows' stories and then share about the One who will always care for them.

Please pray for open hearts among widows, and for missionaries to know how to clearly show God's mercy and grace.

Pray for South Asia's Widows

Pray for Christmas gifts for widows.

Most widows in South Asia do not have the skills or tools they need to earn a living, forcing them to scrape by as prostitutes, beggars or daily laborers. Sewing machines, livestock and other items from Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog can lift a widow—and her children—out of poverty by allowing her to start a small business and earn a fair wage.

Pray for South Asia's Widows

Pray for widows' children.

Millions of children in Asia are being raised by widowed mothers. Because their mothers' earnings are often meager, many of these children are forced to work instead of going to school. Others wander the streets while their mothers work, leaving them vulnerable to abuse. As adults, they naturally continue the cycle of poverty.

Pray for the safety and health of these children, and pray for more workers to reach out to them through Bridge of Hope centers, Sunday schools and vacation Bible schools. Pray that Christ's love will be evident to them.

Pray for South Asia's Widows

Pray for Women's Fellowship groups.

Women's Fellowship groups reach out to widows by visiting them at their homes and inviting them to meetings. The gatherings give widows a safe and supportive place to share their struggles and nurture their faith in God. Many Women's Fellowship groups also teach literacy classes, giving widows a better capability to protect and provide for themselves and their children.

Pray for more opportunities for Women's Fellowship groups to encourage and share Jesus with widows. Pray that widows will find not only acceptance and new friendships but also eternal joy.

Pray for South Asia's Widows

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