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Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry:
bringing love and life to people suffering with leprosy

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Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry World Leprosy Day

Tens of thousands of people worldwide suffer from leprosy, which is a bacterial infection that affects the skin and destroys nerves.

Because the disease affects the nervous system, the areas of a person’s body affected with leprosy become numb. And because people suffering from leprosy cannot feel pain, they can easily injure themselves. These injuries can become infected, resulting in tissue loss. Ultimately, fingers, toes and even limbs may become shorter.*

The social stigma is devastating, perhaps even worse than the disease itself.

In the midst of this hopelessness, the light of Jesus Christ is breaking through, bringing hope to those who have been brushed aside by society. Please pray for Gospel for Asia-supported leprosy ministry, that many suffering from this terrible disease would embrace the Savior, who is reaching out to them in love.

Thank you for interceding and making a difference in their lives.


Pray for healing.

Although leprosy is curable, many lepers hide their outbreaks until the disease has advanced to the point of becoming difficult to treat. The Lord, however, is still healing lepers just like He did when He walked the earth. He has healed hundreds of people, like Radhika, through GFA's ministry. Do you see any leprosy on the man's hands to the left? Neither does he! The Lord healed this man of leprosy.

Please pray God will, in His great love, heal the many leprosy patients calling upon His name. Also ask that our medical personnel will make strides in eradicating leprosy in Asia.

Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry

Pray for the leprosy patients.

They are outcasts, deemed cursed by even their own relatives. Their lonely existence is painful, both physically and emotionally. However, the transforming love of our Lord can fill them with His joy, making them beacons of light in this world. Tanvee is an amazing example of this.

Please pray many lepers will come to know our God's deep love for them.

Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry

Pray for the missionaries.

Their calling is not an easy one. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries working in dozens of leprosy colonies are the hands and feet of Jesus to those the rest of society has deemed unlovable. Beyond sharing the Good News with them in conversation and praying for them, these missionaries dress the wounds of the leprosy patients and take care of their daily needs. See what everyday ministry looks like for a group of women missionaries serving in one leprosy colony.

Please lift our leprosy ministry missionaries up in prayer. Pray for spiritual, physical and emotional strength as they minister day after day to the least of these.

Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry

Pray for many more medical personnel.

Gospel for Asia's leprosy outreach is in great need of qualified medical personnel to treat the growing number of lepers seeking help from our ministry.

Please ask the Lord to provide workers who will not only meet the patients' physical needs, but who will also minister to them spiritually.

Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry

Pray for the children.

There are many children in leprosy colonies who would, if not for the Lord's work through GFA, have little hope for the future. Because their parents have leprosy, their families are desperately poor. These precious children are not likely to gain an education and live all their lives as outcasts. In the midst of their sad situation, Jesus is shining His light into their lives, giving them hope and a future.

Pray for the children at the Bridge of Hope centers established in leprosy colonies, that they would abound with Christ's love and grace. Pray for God's protection upon the children against contracting leprosy.

Pray for Gospel for Asia's Leprosy Ministry

Through Bridge of Hope, these children of leprosy patients know Jesus' love for them!

Print these prayer requests out for your convenience. 

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